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AwakeMUD Wiki

Welcome to the wiki! We're under construction.

AwakeMUD is a Multi User Dungeon based on the TRPG Shadowrun, specifically the 3rd edition.


Getting Started FAQ
Character Creation Walkthrough (page under construction)
House Rules (deviations from official canon), implementation details and potential gotchas
Sunny's Guide to Runner Slang Helpful list of Shadowrun Slang
List of grid locations
Runner Directory a list of player characters
Background Helper List of questions for people struggling to write a background
On the Subject of Magic IC article, roleplaying background info for mages and shamans
Aliases to streamline the routine
Help files A list of help files for the MUD.
Armor Layering Calculator to help you with armor layering rules


Maps Paste dumps of in-game ASCII maps
SVG Maps Player-created Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) maps

Mundane Info:

'ware all the cyberware and bioware information your little criminal heart desires (under construction)
List of Incompatible Cyberware and Bioware
Khai's Cyberware/Bioware Musings
Races In-Character views on speciesism
Mundane Primer
Khai's Combat Numerics

Adept Info:

Decker/Decking Info:

Decker Archetype
Decking with Daiquiri Quickstart Guide (in world/in character guide)
Riv's Opiniated Guide to Deckbuilding Quickstart Guide (in world/in character guide)
Sunny's Guide to Decking Walkthrough / FAQ (in world/in character guide)
Sunny's Guide to Programming and Deckbuilding Walkthrough (in world/in character guide)
Khai's Guide to the Amateur Decker
Traps in the 'trix Documentation not listed anywhere else

Shaman Info:

Street Mage Info:

Street Samurai Info:

Rigger Info:

Shadowlands Pages (IC)

DocMadigan Enterprises LLC (Cyberdoc Services, Gear)

OOC Info:

Roleplaying Run FAQ (Information on Pruns, ImmRuns, and Events)
PGHQ Guidelines
PGHQ Gear Rules
Syspoint Bounties

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