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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About RP Runs (*But Were Afraid to Ask)




Up front there are some things I want you to understand about PRuns, Immruns, and RP Events.

  2. You DO NOT NEED TO PAY RUNNERS OUT OF POCKET. All rewards can be reimbursed by the RP imm.
  3. You can receive SYSPOINTS, KARMA, NUYEN, and other rewards for hosting or participating in these roleplaying.
  4. Hosts get a little bit extra as our thanks for encouraging the RP community.
  5. Your current RP Imm is: Jank
    1. Direct your RP, NERP, and Prun questions to him via TELL or the NERPchannel on Discord.


-What is a Prun?
It's a roleplaying shadowrun. A session hosted by one of YOU. The players.

-What is an ImmRun
A roleplaying session hosted by the RP imm or other staff.

-What is an Event?

This one's just loose- anything that's not a distinct session or job. You wanna host a Victorian tea time roleplay? You wanna go body surfing at the corpse dump in Puyallup? You can get some rewards for those just like a run even though it's not a 'job.'


Conducting an PRun

Traditionally we rent a room in the NERPCorpolis for the session and use Shadowrun 3rd Edition rules to resolve conflicts. BUT THESE ARE ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. As the host of your prun you can conduct them in ANY WAY YOU WANT.

The (HIRED) Flag

When you are in a Prun or Immrun type “TOGGLE HIRED.” This will let us know you're busy on an RP event. Don't forget to toggle it back off when you're done!

The Questor Flag

This is a fun one. The Questor flag is for run/event hosts. It allows you to exclude your character name from your emotes so you can set scenes for your players. If you want the Questor flag you can request it from the RP imm.

Important note: The Questor flag can unfortunately be abused. If you are caught using it to abuse, harass, or trick other players it will be taken away as well as the possibility of other reprecussions.

How do we get PAID?

If you discuss the run with the RP imm beforehand, they will help you get what you need to make sure everyone is REWARDED for the run. You don't pay out of pocket- the RP imm will give you the money so all you need to worry about is the adventure.

Once the run is finished post your log in the #rp-logs channel on Discord- this allows the RP imm to review the log and dole out the rewards. Note that the RP IMM IS NOT A JUDGE. They are not here to critique or grade your RP events or performance. They are only checking for length and effort so nobody attempts to scam RP logs for rewards. Ultimately we just want everyone to have a fun time.

The players receive the rewards negotiated with the host, plus karma and syspoints from the RP Imm. The host receives an equal share of nuyen and karma. Plus an extra helping of syspoints as a perk.


Potential Reward List:

  • Syspoints for everyone plus a bonus payout for the host.
  • Nuyen for everyone's payout plus an equal share for the host.
  • Karma for everyone's payout plus an equal share for the host.
  • NERP items found or rewarded for the run. Come across a cybered up pet turtle? We can make that!
  • A news report based on your run (if it's something the host would like and it would make sense for the news to report.)
  • Alterations to the world based on the results of your run. These will be rare but we really want to blow up that airport.

But why do I have to talk to the RP Imm BEFOREHAND? You don't /have/ to. But if you want the RP Imm to pay for the reward it's the only way we can guarantee it. This is only so we can discuss a reasonable amount and avoid people exploiting things by asking for 1,000,000,000 payouts for knocking over the local Stuffer Shack.

RP Log Formatting

This is a favor you can do for us to make your logs easier to review. This is all loose stuff, your log won't be turned down if it's not perfect.

  1. When you begin logging please look once at every character in the group. This just makes it easier for me to figure out who to reward.
  2. We like to see the banter and that everyone is having fun! It's okay to leave your osays in. BUT if there is a large tangent or off topic conversation that pops up please just edit that chunk out.
  3. Do leave dice rolls in. It's nice to see what's going on there.

Suggestions: Turn off your mud client's echoes, TOGGLE PROMPT.

Alternatively, you could use a text editor like Notepad++ to use regex to mass-edit things like the prompt out. If you don't know how to use regex I'll be happy to help on the #rp-logs channel.

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