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This will be a dump of various bits and pieces of miscellaneous decking knowledge.

Alternative representation and additional information is also available at the houserules article.

1. Canonically the Matrix requires a subscription to use. Because you're a fly-by-night shadowrunner who refuses to pay the corps their nuyen, not that you have a SIN to pay with, *any* intrusion into the Matrix is considered a hostile one. This means as soon as you step foot into it the tally (security/alert) level begins to climb.

2. Exits themselves (SANs) can be encrypted and there are several bugs on how it is documented.

  • locate host blah
  • → Your search returns the address blah.
  • logon blah
  • → You fail to gain access to the host.
  • # The target room has an AccessScramble value, which blocks remote login. But it could be the source room blocking, so…
  • analyze access
  • → There is nothing out of the ordinary about that subsystem.
  • # Well, now what? (This is what usually keeps people from logon. But the source room has no encryption. So decker has bright idea:)
  • analyze blah
  • → Analyze what? (That doesn't work…)
  • help decrypt
  • → helpfile shows no ability to decrypt exits/SANS exists
  • # But finally if you just do it anyway:
  • decrypt blah
  • → You successfully decrypt that SAN.

So, the room is not the SAN, the exit is. An access-encrypted room can prevent movement in, forcing you to decrypt it blind.

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