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Adept Archetype


Game Play

Remember to activate your powers!

You are stronger with your bo staff than with your Ruger 100, though shooting from range does tend to be safer than closing into melee. In particular, spellcasters can only cast spells at targets in their own room, and you don't yet have the magic resistance power. When wielding a melee weapon and encountering aggressive opponents, try to attack them as soon as possible when entering their room, so as to cause penalties to opponents that shoot firearms or cast spells.

Your armor is lower than the other Archetypes, but your Side Step power gives you a significant number of dodge dice on top of your combat pool (see: HELP COMBAT POOL, HELP CPOOL). While dodging doesn't apply against melee, your counterstrike power does (along with any cpool allocated to offense), and so allocating to soak may have the least effect on your survival, depending on the situation.

Your Kinesics power is particularly strong for negotiating higher pay from Johnsons (see: HELP AUTORUN) and for buying/selling items, so make sure it's active in those situations.

Key Features



You have two options to obtain more power points, which can then be spent to learn new powers or increase the levels of current powers: ADDPOINT and INITIATION. Note that ADDPOINT does not increase your magic rating, which limits the total powers you can have active at once. Use aliases (see: HELP ALIAS) to manage your power sets, and consider powers such as Kinesics and Rapid Healing that you only need to bring out in certain situations.

Look for instructors to teach you higher ranks of both your Kinesics power and negotiation skill so that you can get paid more and buy things for less. Training up your charisma will reduce the karma needed to increase your negotiation and etiquette skills.

Your Ruger is a bit underpowered, so picking up a proper sniper rifle will be a significant upgrade. For a more ranged focus, consider picking up improved sense (thermographic) to ensure that you have good vision regardless of the environment and improved sense (magnification) to let you aim at targets that are farther away.

Cyberware/bioware can give you benefits that are more efficient than (or not available from) adept powers, but keep in mind that their essence / bio index cost will reduce your magic rating. You can regain that magic through more initiations, though that does require quite a bit of nuyen and rep.


The pre-built archetypes were designed using the standard custom character creation rules, with the intent of providing generalist builds that are fully functional immediately out of character generation. There is a trade off in that such builds are less efficient in the use of their chargen points and resources. For this reason, as well as to improve the new player experience, they have been permitted up to 20k additional nuyen in their build, plus a free electronics kit, pocket secretary, phone, subsidy card, ammunition, and 2 points of brawling skill (not listed below).

The Adept archetype was built using the priority system:

A attributes (30)
B magic (adept)
C skills (34)
D metatype (Ork)
E resources (5k nuyen)


Body          9
Quickness     6(7)
Strength      8
Charisma      1
Intelligence  3
Willpower     6


Athletics           3
Pole Arms           6
Rifles              6
Electronics         3
Negotiation         3
Corporate Etiquette 3
Street Etiquette    3
Stealth             6
Driving Motorcycles 1

Adept Powers:

Improved Quickness  1
Kinesics            1
Side Step           6
Counterstrike       2


Eyes:       a pair of thermographic goggles
Shoulder:   a polearm strap
About:      a Secure jacket (5b/3i)
Body:       an armor vest (2b/1i)
Underneath: form-fitting body armor III (4b/1i)
Arms:       a pair of forearm guards (+0b/+1i)
Under Arm:  a leather rifle strap
Waist:      a black leather duty belt
Legs:       a pair of real leather pants
Feet:       a pair of black combat boots


a Ruger 100 sport rifle
  top: a top-mounted laser sight
  barrel: a silencer
  underside: a bayonet
a wooden bo staff


a DocWagon basic modulator
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