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Azazel's Rigger Notes

This reflects the state of the game as of November 29, 2022 .

The Good

TL;DR: rigging trivializes combat in the early through mid game

  1. The GM-Nissan Doberman, which ties for the most heavily armored drone in the game, can be obtained while still in chargen.
  2. Magic vs drone functionality doesn't exist (yet), meaning drones are immune to enemy spellcasting.
  3. It takes ~20k nuyen of upgrades to make the doberman able to easily handle most enemies, even through missions that require 500+ rep.
    • With a dikote coating, the doberman is immune to any damage codes with power up through 15.
    • With a hardpoint, gas vent IV, and foregrip/underbarrel weight, the doberman suffers zero recoil penalties using an HMG firing full-auto 10.
    • With an ultrasound sensor module, the doberman spots enemies using improved invisibility

The Bad

TL;DR - rigging lacks convenience and lacks survivability in the late game.

  1. Drones can only shoot at targets in the same room.
  2. Drones with more than one weapon mounted will take multiweapon penalties, even when only one weapon is being fired.
  3. Drones have no way to deal with doors and can't push elevator buttons.
  4. Drones can only act while being controlled - they can't follow the rigger as the rigger does other things (like opening doors and using elevators)
  5. The control pool is only being added to driving tests (so no dodging, and poor damage resistance against attacks with power high enough to get through the drone's armor)

The Tips

  1. Allocating combat pool dice to offense adds to drone gunnery tests.
  2. So long as the rigger and mounted weapon have the cyber and accessory, the smartlink bonus applies.
  3. A roto-drone can tow (i.e. lift) a doberman over any terrain.
  4. Autonavs can be added to drones, and gridguide can be activated over remote control.
  5. Drone movement ignores initiative, so it's possible to enter a room, shoot, and then immediately leave the room without being delayed until your next initiative pass.
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