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Adept Archetype

This archetype is not the hardest to play, but it is harder than street samurai.
1. Straightforwards playstyle.
2. High level of possible power.
3. Unique adept abilities and flexibility with an emphasis on support, defense, and melee.

1. Weaker than all other archetypes early on.
2. Cyberware and Bioware decrease your magic, so obtaining such should only occur after careful consideration.

All in all this archetype allows you to mess with many different playstyles and the adept abilities give you a flexibility that other archetypes lack and pairs quite well with 'ware.

The help file for adept reads:

Adepts are true warriors of an age past, devoted to perfecting their physical
strengths and capabilities.  Berserkers, ninjas and all other elite forms of
mortal warriors are adepts.  An adept has a magic rating, but rather than
casting spells, uses their magic to "purchase" skills and abilities that come
from a refining of the human body.  Adepts are also much more athletic and
agile than most other warriors, thus making just as good assassins as
samurais without the aid of cyberware.

Starting Stats:

Race: Ork
Body: 6
Quickness: 6
Strength: 8
Charisma: 1
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 6
Essence: [6.00]
Bioware Index: [0.00]
Essence Index: [9.00]
Magic: 6
Reaction: 5

Starting skills:

Athletics (proficient / rank 3)
Pole Arms (innate / rank 6)
Brawling (practiced / rank 2)
Assault Rifles: (innate / rank 6)
Electronics (introduced / rank 1)
Negotiation (proficient / rank 3)
Street Etiquette: (introduced / rank 1)
Driving/Bike (introduced / rank 1)
Driving/Truck (introduced / rank 1)
BR/Bike (introduced / rank 1)

English (genius / rank 10)

Starting gear:

worn over shoulder: a polearm strap
worn about body: a Secure jacket
worn on body: a 100% cotton T-Shirt
worn underneath: form-fitting body armor III
worn on arms: a pair of forearm guards
slung under arm: a leather rifle strap
worn about waist: a black leather duty belt
worn on legs: a pair of black BDU pants
worn on feet: a pair of black combat boots

a Neophyte Guild housing subsidy card
a steel combat axe
A Neophyte Guild duffelbag
a pocket secretary
The Title to a Harley Scorpion
a cellular phone
a basic electronics kit
a vehicle toolkit
a medkit
a DocWagon gold modulator
a Colt M-23

500 normal rounds



Starting abilities:

Improved Body        +2
Magic Resistance     +1
Mystic Armor         +2
Rapid Healing        +2
Side Step            +2
Counterstrike        +2
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