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Creating Character Pages

If you have wiki edit access, follow the following steps to create a character page.

1. Go to Runner Directory and add the character name as a link (and optionally add a phone number).

eg [[name]]

2. Save the changes to the Runner Directory page.

3. Click on the red link, and on the new page create the page.

4. Copy the code template (below) and fill out the information.

5. Save page.

6. You are now done!


Copy and paste the following into the character page:

If you need linebreaks in the table, add “\\”

====== <name>, <race> <role>======

===== OOC player info =====
Discord Handle: <optional> \\ 
Available: <optional> \\ 
Anything else?: <optional>\\ 

===== IC Summary =====

^ What's the Word? (Publically Known Information): ^ Character Portrait ^ 
|<PUBLICALLY known backstory> \\ \\ <skill 1 (eg, decking): words> \\ <skill 2: words > \\ <skill 3: words > \\ <skill 4: words> \\  | {{optional portrait?300x50}} | 
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