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Sunny, Elf Decker

OOC player info

Discord Handle: pd#1102
Available: Weeknights, Australia.
Anything else?: Not that I can think of.

IC Summary

What's the Word? (Publically Known Information): Character Portrait
An extensively cybered elven woman.
Originally from Tír na nÓg.

English is her second language.
Gaelic and Sperethial are her native tongues.

She's been in the UCAS since 2060.

Decker: You need paydata?
Deckbuilder and Programmer: Can hook you up with what you need.
Face: knows how to deal with your 'Mr Johnson,' and how to get the most out of databrokerage.
Fixer: personal shopper, happy to be your go-between with those snooty Tir Tirnagire elves…
Medic: Handy with a medkit.
Security Expert: Crack credchips. Bypass doors.
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