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Street Mage Archetype


Game Play

Make sure you activate your power focus!

Make sure you cast your armor and increase body spells! You have sustaining foci that have been bonded to support those spells. Any sustained spells that aren't supported by your sustaining foci or by your elementals will cause penalties to any actions you take.

Stunbolt is your standard attack spell, but only works against living opponents. With your trauma damper, if you have 9 total dice to resist drain (set your spell pool to 3 drain, plus your 6 willpower), you have a 95% chance to take no damage from spell drain when casting stunbolt at force 6 and deadly damage level.

Waterbolt provides a physical damage option for non-living opponents (e.g., turrets), but has substantially higher drain.

Your Levitation spell lets you auto-succeed at any climbing or swimming test.

Improved Invisibility can be seen through by ultrasound, which many corporate guards will have. Magically active types can always see you with astral perception. Any guard that spots somebody using invisibility will assume that they are up to no good and react appropriately.

The Stealth spell will block ultrasound (thus, pairs well with Improved Invisibility).

Your taser provides you with a ranged option and can be used against opposing spellcasters while your own spell pool is fully allocated to spell defense. It can also be used to destroy locked doors (essentially by frying the maglock).

Key Features





The pre-built archetypes were designed using the standard custom character creation rules, with the intent of providing generalist builds that are fully functional immediately out of character generation. There is a trade off in that such builds are less efficient in the use of their chargen points and resources. For this reason, as well as to improve the new player experience, they have been permitted up to 20k additional nuyen in their build, plus a free electronics kit, pocket secretary, phone, subsidy card, ammunition, and 2 points of brawling skill (not listed below). The street mage and shaman also have their foci already bonded.

The Street Mage archetype was built using the priority system:

A magic (mage)
B resources (400k nuyen)
C attributes (24)
D skills (30)
E metatype (human)


Body          4
Quickness     6
Strength      2
Charisma      2
Intelligence  4(6)
Willpower     6


Clubs               3
Tasers              5
Electronics         3
Negotiation         3
Conjuring           6
Sorcery             6
Corporate Etiquette 3
Driving Cars        1


Stunbolt              6
Increase Body         3
Improved Invisibility 6
Stealth               1
Armor                 3
Levitate              1
Waterbolt             5


a smartlink-2 system - alpha


a trauma damper - cultured
a cerebral booster II - cultured


Neck:       an orichalcum necklace (r1 power focus)
About:      a London Fog 'Merlin' cloak (2b/2i)
Body:       a plated armor vest (4b/3i)
Underneath: form-fitting body armor III (4b/1i)
Arms:       a pair of forearm guards (+0b/+1i)
Wrist:      an orichalcum bracelet (r3 sustaining focus, armor)
Wrist:      an orichalcum bracelet (r3 sustaining focus, increase attr)
Waist:      a black leather duty belt
Thigh:      a thigh holster
Legs:       a pair of black slacks
Ankle:      an ash leaf anklet
Feet:       a pair of black dress shoes


a Defiance Super Shock (taser)
  top: a top-mounted smartlink-2 accessory


a DocWagon gold modulator
The Title to a Ford Americar
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