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Hailing originally from the C.A.S. Morbius has floated in and out of seattle for at least 20 years since was a young up and coming runner. Morbius began life as the child of Ares Employees making him an Ares Citizen by birth. He was fast tracked to become security for Ares Aerospace Tech in his native Virginia. Due to a corporate power play Morbius found himself out of a job and black-listed along with numerous others. Many of them joined the C.A.S. Marine Corp to make use of their training and abilities. In a border skirmish with Atzlan Morbius' unit was ambushed and wiped out with the exception of Morbius who while alive suffered 3rd and 4th degree burns from and Aztlan Mage. The Corp rebuilt Morbius with a variety of cyber and bio ware, and put him into a Special Operations Unit. Morbius began his career by seperating himself from the Corp, keeping the enhancements, and slipping off to Seattle to build a new life for himself.

Morbius has a variety of skills his is proficient with, but chief among them are his world-class skills are rifles, edged weapons, negotiation, and cyber-implants.

Morbius can easily be spotted either in his massive black and blue camouflaged military truck, or in person in his similarly decorated military armor. He bears an iconic helmet in the shape of a black skull which emits blue flames in a fearsome display.

Morbius typically pursues wetwork. When Morbius comes calling for a target, wicked black spurs extended, little can stop him from completing his task.

Morbius leads the Praetorian Legion which is an organization designed to bring runners together to pool resources and experience. He is always looking for new recruits.

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