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Jack, Human Fixer

Name's Jack. You probably already know me.
You name something, and it exists, I can get it for you from here to the Caribbean. If it doesn't exist, I can point you to the guy to try fixing that.
You want a small loan to start you off? I'll charge you a percentile, but I can do that too. I ain't a bank, though.
You want it fast and guaranteed? Call me.
1321-6186 or Jack on the psec

OOC player info

Discord Handle: Nappist#0726
Available: Reasonable PST hours.
Anything else?: I do pruns, helpfiles, and the occasional tutorial or wiki. Feel free to prod me on OOC info or how to get started on participating with your own content.

IC Summary

What's the Word? (Publically Known Information): Character Portrait
Street-level fixer that's recently come into money. Been around for awhile.

Fixing: He wasn't lying, and can usually handle the deals and the schmoozing.
Punching: He doesn't normally call on help for direct one-on-one facetime.
Employer: Will frequently hire outside expertise, particularly when electronics or thinking is involved.
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