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List of 'ware Incompatibilities

This is a listing of the explicit incompatibilities coded into Awakened Worlds CE. In general, these follow the Shadowrun 3 rulebooks. However, some house rules do exist, either because of code issues or balancing.
NOTE: There are also functional incompatibilities not listed here (e.g., you can install both a pain editor and a trauma damper, but the damper is nonfunctional while the pain editor is active).

Cyberware vs Cyberware

'ware Incompatible with… Comments
Filters Filters of the same type NERP
Datajack Eye Datajack
Vehicle Control Rig Boosted Reflexes
Boosted Reflexes Vehicle Control Rig, Wired Reflexes, Move-By-Wire
Wired Reflexes Boosted Reflexes, Move-By-Wire
Move-By-Wire Boosted Reflexes, Wired Reflexes, Reaction Enhancers
Oral Weapons Other Oral Weapons Only one oral weapon per body
Dermal Plating Dermal Sheathing, Cyberlimbs
Dermal Sheathing Dermal Plating, Cyberlimbs
Reaction Enhancers Move-By-Wire
Cyberlimbs Dermal Plating, Dermal Sheathing, Bone Lacing, Muscle Replacement Only available to mundanes
Muscle Replacement Cyberlimbs
Bone Lacing Cyberlimbs
Eye Datajack Datajack
Optical Magnification Electronic Magnification
Electronic Magnification Optical Magnification

Full cyber replacements, such as the cyberskull, cybertorso, cyberarms and cyberlegs are incompatible with magic along with many other cyberware and bioware, such as muscle toners and augmentations, muscle replacements, bone lacing, dermal sheathing and orthoskin.

Cyberware vs Bioware

'ware Incompatible With… Comments
Air Filtration Tracheal Filter NERP
Ingested Filtration Degestive Expansion NERP
Move-By-Wire Adrenal Pump, Synaptic Aceelerator, Suprathyroid
Wired Reflexes Synaptic Aceelerator
Cyber Eyes Cat's Eyes, Nicitating Membranes
Muscle Replacement Muscle Augmentation, Muscle Toner
Dermal Plating Orthoskin
Dermal Sheathing Orthoskin
Cyberlimbs Muscle Augmentation, Muscle Toner
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