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So, you want to know about body modifications, chummer? Pull up a seat and let old Rock tell you what he knows.

Eye Modifications

Name Code Effects TableTop Effects
Eyeware camera Allows you to take pictures that are stored in headware memory Same
eye datajack A replacement eye that functions as a datajack Dataport located behind the iris of a cybereye. You can pop the eye open to use it, and you can't see out of the eye when it's in use.
image link Allows you to display images (and video) from your headware memory or piped in from a datajack in your field of vision
low-light vision modification Gives you low-light vision Allows you to see normally in light levels as low as starlight
thermographic vision modification gives you thermal vision Allows you to see the infrared spectrum, letting you see heat patterns. Bright lights have no effect, but strong sources of heat can blind you
Retinal Clock Gives you a time accurate to the minute with the “time” command Displays an accurate time/date stamp in your field of vision. It can be modified for region/season as well as including stopwatch and timer functions.
Optical magnification Allows you to scan further and reduces penalties for firing at range, but can be seen by people with enough perception Same
Electronic magnification As above, but cannot be seen in a visual inspection and prevents magicians from targeting their spells. Same

Hand-based Cyberware

Name Code Effects TableTop Effects Notes
smartlink system-2 to TNs with a smartlink-equipped gun Displays a targeting indicator corresponding to a smartlink-equipped weapon's line of fire, giving a -2 TN Does not stack with a laser indicator
smartlink-2 system-3 to TNs with a smartlink-2 equipped gun -2 TN when paired with a smartlink-equipped gun. Reduces the called shot penalty from +4 TN to +2 TN Does not stack with a laser indicator
hand razor(STR)L damagesamesmall blades that replace your fingernails
retractable hand razor(STR)L damagesamesmall blades that can slide out of sight under synthetic nail replacements
improved hand razor(STR+2)L damagesamecannot be retracted
hand spurs(STR)M damagesamea narrow blade attached to the user's bone, either a single blade extending from the wrist or a set of three smaller blades anchored to the back of the hand
hand spurs (retractable)(STR)M damagesamespurs that can be retracted
handblade(STR+3)L damagesamea blade that slips out the side of the hand opposite your thumb
handblade (retractable)(STR+3)L damagesamea retractable handblade
Cyberfins(STR-1)L damageAlso allows you to swim at half your normal walking or running rateUnsure if there is any coded benefit for swimming
Fingertip compartmentAllows you to store one very small itemReplaces the last joint of a finger and can store an item as small as a datachip or monofilament whip
retractable climbing claws(STR-1)l damagesame, but also -2 TN for all climbing or clinging testsUnsure if climbing/clinging works in code


Name Code Effects TableTop Effects Notes
Bone Lacing (plastic) (STR+2M) Stun, +1 bodYou can choose to have your unarmed attacks deal physical damage, but at half force
Bone Lacing (Aluminum) (STR+3)M Stun, +1 bod/+1 impact armorYou can choose to have your unarmed attacks deal physical damage, but at half force
Bone Lacing (Titanium) (STR+4)M Stun, +2 bod/+1 impact and ballistic armorYou can choose to have your unarmed attacks deal physical damage, but at half force
Bone Lacing (Ceramic) (STR+3M) stun, +1 bod/+2 impact armorYou can choose to have your unarmed attacks deal physical damage, but at half force
Bone Lacing (Kevlar)+1 bod/+2 ballistic armor
Dermal PlatingIncreases Bod by rating Does not assist in healing
Dermal SheathingIncreases bod by rating and impact armor by half the rating (round up) Smoother and less bulky than standard dermal plating
Boosted Reflexes I+1d6 initiative bonusA one-time electrochemical treatment that increases your natural reflexesIncompatible with wired reflexes or a vehicle control rig
Boosted Reflexes II+1 reaction, +1d6 Initiative
Boosted Reflexes III+2 reaction, +2d6 Initiative
move-by-wire system I+1 qui, +2 reaction, +1d6 initiative, +1 dice for athletics and stealthYou're having constant seizures
reaction enhancer+1 reaction can be taken up to six times
wired reflexes+2 reacion, +1d6 initiative per level Users tend to be twitchy if they don't have a reflex trigger
Reflex triggerAllows you to turn off wired reflexes
SkillwiresAllows you to use activesofts (along with a chipjack) up to the ratingDoes not allow you to use pools like combat poolCurrently, code seems to allow you to use your combat pool when using a skill from a chip

Systems replacement cyberware

Name Code Effects TableTop Effects Notes
cyberskullDon't take this unless you hate money and essense+1 bod for called shots to the head, protects headware from damageDid I mention you shouldn't take this. Don't do it unless you want it for RP
Cybertorso+1 Bod+1 bod and protects internal cyberware
Hydraulic Jacks???Adds ratingx20 percent to your jump distance, a number of dice equal to the rating for running and jumping tests. Reduces the power level of a fall if you land on your feet
muscle replacement+rating to quickness and strengthUnless you're hard-up for money it's much more efficient to use the bioware equivalents


Name Code Effects TableTop Effects Notes
DatajackAllows you to jack into computer systems. Required if you want to deck
Induction Datajack Doesn't leave a hole in your head, but it requires you to add a special magnetic attachment to your data cables
Voice ModulatorWhen active, your voice is masked and it's nearly impossible to tell what you sound like
ChipjackAllows you to insert skillchips into your body
Chipjack Expert driverGrants a task pool of extra dice equal to the rating This task pool can be used for any skill linked to chips in the chipjack
Data CompactorDecreases the size of data in headware memory by 20 percent per ratingData compressed with a rating 3 or 4 requires a complex action to access
EncephalonProvides a task pool equal to its rating for intelligence linked skills. When hacking, it instead adds its ranking to the hacking pool Not sure if this is in code, but encephalon rating should be added to the user's intelligence for determining the cost of new skills. Doesn't do crap for magic.
Math SPULets you see the exact time and provides a hacking pool bonus equal to its ratingAdditionally functions as a stopwatch, alarm clock, and adds twice its rating as a Complementary Math skill to math-related skill tests
Memory Memory. For software. In your head.
Headware radio A radio. In your head. So you have it after you get scraped off the ground by Docwagon.
Headware telephone Do I really have to explain this again?
Asist converter Converts simsense signals into something the brain can understand. All DNIs should have this built in, but Otaku need it built into their head.You're not an Otaku. And if you claim to be, I will hunt you down and try to extract your brain for examination.
Vehicle Control Rig+2 reaction and +1d6 initiative while riggingThis is the only way you're getting faster while controlling your drones. And it hurts your ability to hack. Pick one
Tooth compartment Pretty sure you can figure this one out on your own.
Balance Augmenter-2 TN for any skill tests involving balance Have to make a Willpower test to intentionally fall down


Name Code Effects TableTop Effects Notes
Adrenal Pump When activated: +1 Quickness +2 Strength +1 Willpower +2 ReactionTo be filledCan be activated by the drug ACTH
Biosculpting Tissue Adds additional dice to social rollsTo be filledRating I adds one dice, II adds two, cultured doubles the effect.
Cat's Eyes Provides “natural low light visionTo be filled
Cerebral Booster Rating I is +1 Intelligence, rating II adds an additional +1 Intelligence and +1 intelligence task pool diceTo be filled
Damage Compensator Ignore TN additions from damage up to ratingTo be filledHides the damage taken from you
Enhanced Articulation +1 Rea and extra dice towards any physical skillsTo be filled
Extended Volume Increases held breath duration by 45 seconds per rating. Adds +1 dice to stamina testsTo be filledNERP
Metabolic Arrester Slows the rate of death when mortally woundedTo be filled
Muscle Augmentation +1 strength per ratingTo be filled
Muscle Toner +1 quickness per ratingTo be filled
Orthoskin Rating I - 1 impact, Rating II 1 ballistic/1 impact, Rating III 1 ballistic/2 impact To be filled
Pain EditorWhen activated removes all penalties from mental damage and prevents falling unconscious due to mental damageto be filledMental damage will still overflow to physical when at 0. Will deactivate trauma damper when activated.
Platelet Factory Lowers damage from moderate damage by 1To be filled
Suprathyroid Gland +1 Strength +1 Quickness +1 Body +1 ReactionTo be filledIt increases the need for food.(NERP)
Symbiotes Increases physical recovery by x1.1, x1.4, or x2 depending on ratingTo be filledSymbiotes dying in MUD are NERP
Synaptic Accelerator +1d6 initiative per ratingTo be filled
Synthacardium +1 dice to athletics skill per ratingTo be filled
Tailored Pheromones Adds additional dice to social rollsTo be filledRating I adds one dice, II adds two, cultured doubles the effect.
Thermosense Organ Provides “natural” Thermographic visionTo be filled
Trauma Damper Moves 1 physical damage to mental. If mental damage, negates 1 mental damageTo be filled
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