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DocMadigan Enterprises LLC

Hercules “Doc” Madigan, Ph.D. M.D.

Phone: 3321-2434 | Email: Madigan

Howya chummers! A friend's grandson helped me make this here page for “exposure”, whatever that means. I'll be postin updates on products and services available to the greater Seattle area.

Medical Services

I been practicin medicine since most of ya were wee bastards running around shoeless and SINless in some slum. That's long enough to know that healthcare is a RIGGED GAME! I don't like it! I try to be chargin fair prices for operations and treatment of all sorts to keep medical care available for those which need it. See me if you need help, that's what I'm here for. We all got debts to pay in life, and that's how I plan to settle my account with the fates.

All services are available in my convenient east Tacoma office near Knight Center. Some services can be provided on-site for an additional fee.

Cybersurgery Nuyen Cost
Ware Installation (BYO Ware) 8% of ware street value
Ware Installation (DocMadigan™ Sourced Ware) 4% of ware street value
Ware Removal 8% of ware street value
Ware Removal (with any install service) Free!
Other Medical Services Nuyen Cost
Primary Care / General Medicine 1,000 per visit
Neurology 10,000 per visit
Consulting 5,000 per hour

Note: If you can't afford payment, reach out about trades and alternative arrangements. I'm open to creative solutions!

In-Stock Ware

Ware I currently have on-hand and ready to install. Reach out if you want to call dibs on something here! Remember, ware sourced from DocMadigan™ can be installed for a reduced price.

Don't see what you want?: Contact me and I will do all the legwork for gettin your special item!

Cyberware Qty. Ware Cost Ware Cost +Install Essence Cost
a pair of flaming, red-glowing cybereyes 1 1,250 1,300 0.00
A set of hand spurs (retractable) - beta 1 57,500 59,800 0.18
A smartlink-2 system - beta 3 17,500 18,200 0.30
A smartlink-2 system - delta 0 35,000 36,400 0.25
a lightly armored synthetic cybertorso 1 Offer Offer 1.50
a dermal sheathing III 1 150,000 156,000 2.10
an armored pair of obvious mk. II cyberarms 1 Offer Offer 2.00
Bioware Qty. Ware Cost Ware Cost +Install Bio Index Cost
a damage compensator II - cultured 1 62,500 65,000 0.40

In-Stock Gear

Weapons Qty. Cost
an RPK HMG 1 5,000
an Ares MP-LMG 1 2,750
a GE Vindicator Minigun 1 3,125
a Stoner-Ares M107 Heavy Machine Gun 1 9,100
Armor Qty. Cost
a form-fitting body armor IV 0 5,000
Misc Qty. Cost
a pair of thermographic goggles 1 2,750
an improved gas vent IV 1 1,250
a microtronics workshop 1 18,750
an Ammunition Workshop 1 37,500

Order Status

Customer ID Item Qty. Cost Status
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