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Decker Archetype

This archetype is the most difficult to learn out of all the pre-made archetypes.

1. Deckers can generate the most nuyen in the shortest period of time.
2. Ready to make their own programs, just needs to pick up optical chips.
3. With SMG skill 6 and a smartlink II, also capable in physical combat.

1. To learn Matrix game mechanics is to learn an entire system that shares very little with the rest of AwakeMUD CE.
2. There is a significant time commitment needed to build a better cyberdeck (store-bought decks can't be upgraded).

If you are looking to create a custom character:

Understand how tests are resolved in the Matrix so that you can properly outfit your deck. Even without touching programming/deckbuilding, the difference between optimal and non-optimal loadouts is the difference between having a 50% chance of success in a difficult autorun and so needing to just re-try a couple times, or less than 10% and ending up bashing your face against a wall until the IC or host kicks you out.

Most Matrix tests involve your skill dice (plus bonuses, e.g. task pool) rolled against a TN (see: HELP TN) based on host subsystem ratings minus your relevant utility program rating. In addition, the host's security rating is rolled against your detection factor (see: HELP DETECTION FACTOR), and those successes are subtracted from your successes. What this means is that you want to use the highest utility program ratings that you can in order to minimize the TN you roll against, and you want to use the highest Masking and Sleaze programs you can in order to maximize the TN that hosts roll against.

Maxing-out the ratings of your utility program is more important than whether you can keep everything loaded in your active memory at the same time. In the Matrix, you can always unload a program that you are not currently using to free up space to load a program that you want to use on the next step of your run. It just takes a bit of time depending on your deck's (and maybe jackpoint's) I/O rating.

Whether you are creating a custom character or using the pre-made archetype:

Because of the importance of your detection factor, Sleaze is the one program you will always want loaded. Browse and Deception are programs that you want loaded in order to find and move between hosts, though the former may not be necessary if you already know where you're going. Armor and Attack are used to defend from and deal with IC (see: HELP INTRUSION COUNTERMEASURES), though the latter may not be necessary if you're moving fast. All other programs can be loaded as needed (though most Matrix autoruns involve uploading or downloading a file, so it can be convenient to also keep Read/Write permanently loaded).

The help file for decker reads:

Deckers are people who have chosen the path of computers and the Matrix.
By 2064, the entire world depends on the Matrix for passing and manipulating
information.  Though often time awkward in 'real life', in the Matrix, they
can be more dangerous than a Street Sam in the city.  From slipping between
the cracks, to crashing major networks, deckers find happiness in their
control over that virtual reality.

No matter how good a decker is, they will always need Programs to keep
them alive. Not only this, they also use Utilities to help make their
way around the Matrix.

Starting stats:

Race           Human
Body           3 ( 3)
Quickness      5 ( 8)
Strength       2 ( 4)
Charisma       1 ( 1)
Intelligence   6 ( 8)
Willpower      6 ( 6)
Essence       [ 3.44]
Bioware Index [ 3.40]
Essence Index [ 6.44]
Magic          0 ( 0)
Reaction       5 ( 9)

Starting skills:

Brawling                        (practiced / rank 2)
Sub-Machine Guns                (innate / rank 6)
Cyberterminal Design            (well-rounded / rank 4)
Computers                       (innate / rank 6)
Electronics                     (proficient / rank 3)
Computer B/R                    (innate / rank 6)
Negotiation                     (practiced / rank 2)
Corporate Etiquette             (practiced / rank 2)
Street Etiquette                (introduced / rank 1)
Program Design (Combat)         (interested / rank 2)
Program Design (Defensive)      (interested / rank 2)
Program Design (Operational)    (interested / rank 2)
Program Design (Special)        (interested / rank 2)
Program Design (Cyberterminal)  (interested / rank 2)
Data Brokerage                  (well-rounded / rank 4)
Driving/Truck                   (introduced / rank 1)

Starting 'ware:

You have the following cyberware:
Eye package w/LL, TH and FC -alpha       Essence: 0.16
a smartlink-2 system                     Essence: 0.50
a math SPU III                           Essence: 0.20
an encephalon II                         Essence: 1.50
a datajack                               Essence: 0.20

You have the following bioware:
muscle augmentation II                   Rating: 2      Bioware Index: 0.80
enhanced articulation                    Rating: 1      Bioware Index: 0.60
a cerebral booster II - cultured         Rating: 2      Bioware Index: 0.80
muscle toner III                         Rating: 3      Bioware Index: 1.20

Starting gear:

worn over shoulder A Neophyte Guild duffelbag
worn about body    a London Fog 'Professional' overcoat
worn on body       a plated armor vest
worn underneath    form-fitting body armor III
worn on arms       a pair of forearm guards
worn on thigh      a thigh holster
worn on legs       a pair of black BDU pants
worn on feet       a pair of white trainers

a Neophyte Guild housing subsidy card
a welcome brochure
a CMT Avatar cyberdeck
a cellular phone
a pocket secretary
a basic electronics kit
a Mitsuhama Z4 desktop computer
a Novatech Burner
The Title to a Ford Bison
a cyberdeck repair kit
a DocWagon basic modulator
an SCK Model 100

Starting deck:

Active Memory 700
Storage Memory 569/1400
Hardening 4
I/O 300
Response Increase 1

Persona Programs:
Bod:      6
Masking:  6
Sensors:  6
Evasion:  3

Other Software:
a matrix sword R:4                         Rating:  4
a Transys 'Electro-Vest' Armour Program    Rating:  6
a FoxFire 'Kitsune' Analyze program        Rating:  6
A Renraku "Bypass" Deception Program       Rating:  6
a Transys 'Riffle' Browse Program          Rating:  6
a Transys 'Scribe' Read/Write Program      Rating:  6
A CatCo Sleaze Program                     Rating:  6
A Fuchi Ltd evasion persona chip           Rating:  3
a Novatech Level Six Bod Program           Rating:  6
a Novatech Level Six Masking Program       Rating:  6
a Novatech Level Six Sensors Program       Rating:  6
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