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The pre-built archetypes were designed using the standard custom character creation rules, with the intent of providing generalist builds that are fully functional immediately out of character generation. There is a trade off in that such builds are less efficient in the use of their chargen points and resources. For this reason, as well as to improve the new player experience, they have been permitted up to 20k additional nuyen in their build, plus a free electronics kit, pocket secretary, phone, subsidy card, ammunition, and 2 points of brawling skill (not listed below).

The Decker archetype was built using the points system:

46 attributes (23)
44 skills (44)
30 resources (1m nuyen)
0 metatype (human)
0 magic (mundane)


Body          4(7)
Quickness     6(9)
Strength      3
Charisma      1
Intelligence  6(8)
Willpower     3


Athletics                     3
Clubs                         3
Submachine Guns               6
Computers                     6
Electronics                   3
Computer Building and Repair  6
Biotech                       4
Negotiation                   3
Corporate Etiquette           3
Data Brokerage                6
Driving Trucks                1


a datajack
an encephalon II
a math SPU III
a smartlink-2 system
some bone lacing (kevlar)
a dermal sheathing I


cat's eyes
a cerebral booster II - cultured
muscle toner III
a trauma damper - cultured


a CMT Avatar cyberdeck                    (r7 MPCP)
Persona Programs:
  a Fuchi Ltd evasion persona chip        (r3 evasion)
  a Novatech Level Six Bod Program        (r6 bod)
  a Novatech Level Six Masking Program    (r6 masking)
  a Novatech Level Six Sensors Program    (r6 sensor)  
Other Software:
  a matrix sword R:4                      (r4 attack)
  a Transys 'Electro-Vest' Armour Program (r6 armor)
  a FoxFire 'Kitsune' Analyze program     (r6 analyze)
  a Renraku "Bypass" Deception Program    (r6 deception)
  a Transys 'Riffle' Browse Program       (r6 browse)
  a Transys 'Scribe' Read/Write Program   (r6 read/write)
  a Novatech Fifth Sleaze program         (r5 sleaze)


Eyes:       a pair of thermographic goggles
About:      a Secure jacket (5b/3i)
Body:       a plated armor vest (4b/3i)
Underneath: form-fitting body armor III (4b/1i)
Arms:       a pair of forearm guards (+0b/+1i)
Waist:      a black leather duty belt
Thigh:      a thigh holster
Legs:       a pair of extremely baggy dark blue jeans
Feet:       a pair of white sneakers


an Ingram Smartgun (SMG)
  top: a top-mounted smartlink-2 accessory
  barrel: an improved gas vent II
  underside: a foregrip


a DocWagon gold modulator
a microtronics tool kit
a medkit
a Mitsuhama Z4 desktop computer
a Novatech Burner
The Title to a Ford Bison
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