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   Players : (OOC Info)
       Elf : Vandal is a Vagabond, baby
     Dwarf : Talbot is just the messenger
     Giant : Arne 
    Fomori : < Basilisk >
     Human : "Sign here," they say. Just leave it Blank is what I say.
 Night-One : Lulu will make you an MPCP 12 deck (B/R)
     Human : =^\PL&S/^= Jack enjoys Sunny days. (AFK)
     Human : Unstable Chariot Is a walking irony
     Human : Whiteline is vibing
     Giant : You give an infected nanite drakes claw to a ChummyBear (Newbie)
     Human : Tack - Kabukicho Scumbag
     Satyr : "It might be cloudy..."^[F325] Prancer says, "but the stars still shine."
     Human : {Gallowers} Noelle 
 Night-One : Machina Not that Deus
     Human : Ular (Newbie)
     Human : Charlotte kills bugs dead. (B/R)
     Human : <-]OsO[-> Could've been a ladybug on a wind chime. But Epiphany was born a dragonfly.
     Human : Colus wants to meet your technological needs. (AFK)
       Elf : Potemkin " Po " Greensleeve
     Troll : Mac  (AFK)
Koborokuru : Nanami the Roaming Speedbump

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