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 Ever-Idle : "Welcome! Join our Discord to chat." Aeternitas - (AFK)
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     Human : Jank - Buy your NERPS here! /tell me~ (AFK)

      Race : Visible Players
       Ork : ||Black-X-Flag|| Captain Paya is unpleasant person.
    Fomori : Shannon (Newbie)
       Elf : <<Hellhounds>> Ekaj has no time for your four nuyen games.
 Night-One : Lulu 
 Night-One : Got a problem? Call Ashe [Mechanic/Doc/Chemist for Hire] (Cyberdoc)
     Human : =^\PL&S/^= Jack suggests using the KEEP command. (B/R) (AFK)
Koborokuru : Beshaba and the seven hundred uncle dwarves. (AFK)
       Elf : <-]OsO[-> Melegaunt As above, so below (AFK)
     Human : -Flatline Avatars- Shar The Digital Ronin
     Gnome : <<Hellhounds>> Ace 
     Human : Colus wants to meet your technological needs. (AFK)
     Human : Ular (Newbie)
     Dwarf : Uri - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
     Giant : ChummyBear (Newbie)
Koborokuru : Nanami the Roaming Speedbump
     Human : Tessa - [Credsticks Cracked: 100n Flat Rate]
     Human : Anonymous 
     Human : <-]OsO[-> Epiphany is twilight's parasite. (AFK)
     Human : ||Black-X-Flag|| Charlotte - Humanis Punks Frag Off (AFK)
     Troll : -Flatline Avatars- Mac - 'keep' all the things (B/R) (AFK)
       Elf : Bad Habit  (AFK)
       Oni : <-]OsO[-> Kai Jones, Kyosui no Hadou
  Minotaur : Echidna of the Cthonic path
       Oni : Sunset GuanLu aka Dr. Hugh Orange, D.O. (B/R) (Cyberdoc)
     Giant : ||Black-X-Flag|| Surt has a booty-centric business plan! (B/R)
       Elf : ||Black-X-Flag|| Claire 
     Giant : Dana Myte (B/R)
     Troll : Wither the Wilted, arises again (B/R)

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