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     Satyr : ^[F101]{Bl^[F201]ade D^[F403]an^[F504]cer} Prancer puts the Cute in Execute (AFK)
 Night-One : Celeste ^[F201]hu^[F202]ng^[F203]er^[F204]s for more (AFK)
       Elf : Sven  (Newbie) (B/R)
     Dwarf : Miss Buffy McBufferson's Mobile Mojo and Heals on Wheels
       Elf : Slick Yuri Drogonov, the "Lily"
 Night-One : ^[F200]Pa^[F300]gi^[F400]ng Dr. Eridani Drogonov, the "^[F101]St^[F100]ar" (Cyberdoc)
  Wakyambi : Alkaline  (Newbie)
     Human : "^[F123]Just like chess pieces..." says Mimir "^[F123]We have no real free will."
       Ork : Kham  (AFK)
     Human : Ghost  (Newbie)
     Dwarf : Hillel Slovak (AFK)
     Troll : Bubbles  (AFK)
  Minotaur : Tanq  (AFK)
 Hobgoblin : Aladdin  (Newbie)
 Night-One : Roehrig 
     Human : The Red Baron Dammit, I'm on fire!
  Wakyambi : Cassiopeia  (Newbie) (B/R)
  Wakyambi : Thabo is looking for happiness
       Elf : Swift 
     Human : "I'm not being hyperbolic,"^[f103] NV sighs "this place is a death machine" (B/R)
       Elf : Crimson  (AFK)
     Human : Halstead the hatch valley hitman
     Human : Elrondiel says in Sperethiel, "I am a donut!"
       Elf : Haven 
     Human : ^[F411][^[F000]s^[F111]t^[F211]r^[F311]a^[F411]y^[F000]] Noelle is Seattle's favorite ^[F410]Halloweener
       Elf : ^[F200].'.^[F000]NSFW^[F200].'. Mal 
     Human : Chariot is pretty much a walking irony.
     Human : [Thall] Thall is Thall is Thall is Thall...
     Human : Whiteline is vibing
       Ork : A Neverending Book : Chapter 1 - The Arrival
       Elf : Nyneve  (Newbie)
       Ork : Elvira 
 Night-One : Machina Not that Deus
     Human : Ular 
     Human : Colus wants to meet your technological needs.
     Dwarf : Doc  (Newbie) (AFK)
  Minotaur : Valmorian building a deck from scratch
     Human : Tripwire Damn internet
       Elf : ^[F200].'.^[F000]NSFW^[F200].'. Anne prefers to go by Miss Anthropy (AFK)
     Human : You've met your^[F534] Match [^[F032]Corp^[F143]orate S^[F032]nake] (AFK)
 Night-One : Nordir Halfdansson
       Oni : <-]OsO[-> Kaito " Kai " Shiden
     Human : Ekko  (Newbie)
       Ork : : Coil : : Ork
       Elf : Ah, but the reach of Glitch should exceed his grasp, Or what's an HMG for?
     Human : Victoria 
       Elf : Finster 
Koborokuru : Nanami the Roaming Speedbump

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