Immortals : Staff Online
     A Bot : Discord Integration Service
 Ever-Idle : "Welcome! Join our Discord to chat." Aeternitas - (AFK)
     Human : Jank Jetsun
     Human : Nappist is peddling NERPS

      Race : Visible Players
       Elf : Rising Tide Zaszie rode bare ass on top of the Sphinx~
 Night-One : Yuki - Fairytale for a Devil
     Human : Parnooson the MATRIX traveler
       Oni : Rising Tide Sunset GuanLu mastering the Way of the Scalpel (Cyberdoc)
       Elf : Enigma is a riddle wrapped inside a mystery
       Elf : Sveta the Hatchet.
     Human : Rising Tide Jack 
     Human : Shaitan Punkz not ded!! (B/R)
     Gnome : <<Hellhounds>> Ace  (B/R)
     Human : Ular (Newbie) (editing)
       Elf : Cannibal is hunting juicy prey
     Giant : Volund 
     Dwarf : <<STATIC>> Doc Madigan PhD,MD | Token Dwarf | Fixer | (B/R) (Cyberdoc)
     Human : Colus wants to meet your technological needs. (AFK)
     Human : Epiphany Sound Attack! Let the rhythm hit 'em!

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