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   Players : (OOC Info)
       Ork : ||Black-X-Flag|| Tilphousia boogies with the beasts. (B/R)
     Troll : He'd lose his head but Dread got it bolted on.
  W Dragon : {Mikazuki-gumi} Yuki - Fairytale for a Devil
     Human : Nova is frickin' Novahot! (Newbie) (B/R)
     Gnome : Biltri 
     Human : JamesChristianHall  (Newbie)
       Elf : Sharp 
     Human : Sam for when life is a drag (B/R)
       Elf : Aw Snap Something went wrong.
       Elf : Zaya 
       Ork : A Flicker of your imagination, a flash of Red
     Human : Just a sweet Cuppa Java  (Cyberdoc)
       Elf : (Dojin) Serenity has draconic taste
     Giant : Valkyrie Crystal speaks softly and carries a very big stick
       Elf : <|fix.dat|> MAGIC DREK Fixer Amethyst can get that for you, cheap n easy.
     Human : Not-Master Nonzensy mastering Zen by notmastering, kensho-satori
  Minotaur : Duripi 
     Human : Jax  (Newbie) (AFK)
       Elf : Bellini is just peachy
     Giant : Cooter 
     Troll : -PL- Here's a Boulder there's a Boulder (Cyberdoc)
     Satyr : Caballero del Sol, ElMariachi 
     Gnome : Hibiscus est une petite rose du bayou.
     Dwarf : Jazmyn  (Newbie)
       Elf : Anastasia 
 Night-One : Cameo is just passing through. (AFK)
     Human : Noelle is Seattle's favorite Halloweener (AFK)
       Ork : One lonely Coil displayed... thank you for keeping the faith.
     Human : Doctor "Pizza" Martingale vous souhaite un bon appetit. (Cyberdoc)
       Elf : ||Black-X-Flag|| City Cat Gato is an Altered Cabron
     Gnome : Pistachio  (AFK)
     Human : Nines  (AFK)
       Elf : Geist  (AFK)
  Minotaur : ||Black-X-Flag|| Tanq ghostroll (AFK)
       Elf : Astolat 
     Human : Savato 
       Elf : Nyneve 
       Ork : Elvira 
     Dwarf : Talbot 
     Human : Furiko Eshima is fond of birds
       Elf : Wiz - >> POW!!! << (Newbie)
 Drake (E) : Annike 
 Night-One : Machina Not that Deus
     Human : Ular 
Koborokuru : Nanami the Roaming Speedbump
       Ork :  Fox scrubs paint off his backpack
     Human : [HoBo] Thall with a Shotgun
     Human : Colus wants to meet your technological needs.
     Human : Surfer 
     Human : Elise 
     Human : Gabrielle 
       Elf : > locate Siftless : You fail to return any data.
     Human : Arby 
     Human : Essy is trussworthy (Cyberdoc)
     Human : Bishi Bishi is short for Bishi bishi (AFK) (Cyberdoc)
     Human : Whiteline is vibing (Newbie)
     Human : Victoria 
 Night-One : Roehrig 
     Human : The Red Baron Dammit, I'm on fire!
     Human : Haze drifts on the wind
  Minotaur : Valmorian contemplating the universe
     Dwarf : Ludwig 
       Elf : [ Quintessence ] {OOC}, "Hello!"
       Elf : Izzy  (AFK)
     Human : Jace is just reading, always reading
       Elf : Finster 
     Human : <|fix.dat|> Tripwire knows your search history
       Elf : Gremmie smells something burning.
       Elf : Glitch 
     Human : Nurgle  (Newbie)
     Human : -PL- [Memento Mori] MorbiusPhyre [Memento Vivere] (Cyberdoc)
     Human : Dominus  (Newbie)

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