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     Trash : Jank - Community Manager, RP Imm, Trash Elemental.

   Players : (OOC Info)
     Human : Navarre (Newbie)
       Ork : Zeb Coltrane, Bounty Hunter (AFK)
    Fomori : Kinrowan (Newbie)
     Human : {Gallowers} Noelle is Ganger of the Year 2064
       Elf : Sylvan Battle Cleric
     Troll : "Terrible" Terry Tate, Shadow Linebacker (AFK)
     Human : Chariot is pretty much a walking irony.
     Troll : Kamakeole (Newbie)
     Human : ^ Yama ^ believes in you. (AFK)
     Human : Fractal runs on hugs and seasonal syrup flavors.
     Giant : Arne 
  Minotaur : Tanq the Tiny 'Taur (B/R) (AFK)
     Troll : Arcane (Newbie) (B/R) (AFK)
       Ork : Rudy (Newbie)
    Fomori : Castle is a construct of the mind.
       Elf : City Cat Gato es un Fixer mejor (B/R)
     Dwarf : Druidah cybersurfer
       Elf : Requiem (Newbie)
       Ork : >>>>> Coil 
     Human : Ashley (Newbie)
     Human : Liaison (Newbie) (B/R)
     Human : Mimir gives terrible advice (AFK)
     Satyr : ^[F101]{Bl^[F201]ade D^[F403]an^[F504]cer} Prancer puts the Cute in Execute (AFK)
       Elf : Glitch (Newbie)
 Night-One : Crack goes the whip
       Elf : Kit (Newbie) (B/R)
     Human : Tack is KAWAII (AFK)
       Elf : MAGIC DREK Fixer Amethyst is here to help. (B/R) (hired)
     Human : <-]OsO[-> Epiphany - Local Boogie Man. Or girl. (AFK)
     Human : Streets on Fire^[F112] Riddley wild, wild, wild! (AFK)
       Elf : Pixel (Newbie)
 Night-One : Graymouser (Newbie)
       Ork : Elvira (Newbie)
 Night-One : Machina Not that Deus
     Human : Ular (Newbie)
     Troll : The Grim Reaper 
       Elf : Jericho fastest draw in the west
       Oni : Shikami the Street Demon
     Human : Lillnex . I am Nezuko, bender of bullets and a idiot
       Ork : Chrysanthemum as 'The Dakkator' (B/R) (AFK) (Cyberdoc)
     Human : You've met your^[F534] Match [^[F032]Corp^[F143]orate S^[F032]nake]
     Human : Whiteline is vibing
       Elf : Finster 
     Human : Baron (Newbie)
     Human : Colus wants to meet your technological needs.
     Human : Renee (Newbie)
Koborokuru : Nanami the Roaming Speedbump
     Giant : ^[F535]Va^[F435]lk^[F355]y^[F454]ri^[F553]e Crystal speaks softly and carries a very big stick (B/R)
       Elf : Serenity has ^[F130]drac^[F150]on^[F250]ic taste
     Human : Java (Newbie)
       Ork : Flicker (Newbie)
     Human : Tripwire has that Nova Hot deck now

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